Security Advice ! is dedicated to guarantee the security of its client. To present the most secure possible environment, we urge our client to take care of a small number of uncomplicated security safety measures for a secure career.

There can or may be occurrence that client may entertain falsified job prospect via email or phone call that seem as if it came from or any of its representatives. Such an action is an abuse of Ragns Terms of Use and may possibly be against the law and may result into violation of state law.

We robustly suggest the following Do’s and Don’ts to keep away from frauds.


  • Make sure that the content of the mail that you received from the employers/ recruiters is correct and relevant to the job you are looking for.
  • Make necessary and appropriate enquiries prior to any action that you take upon any unsolicited mails or phone calls that you receive and are claiming to be from our end.
  • In case of occurrence of any such occasion, it is suggested to notify the subject at [email protected]


  • Do not communicate or interact and reveal any personal information concerned to your, address, bank account, Telephone/phone numbers etc.
  • Avoid sending any money as fees or the amount required for registration or scheduling the interview.

We've accumulated the following security-related data and information. Clients are warned to familiarize themselves with this information provided to manage a superior career.

Misrepresentation of other company

What is misrepresentation?

Users can be contacted by someone via deceptive phone calls or e-mails posing as the Company's HRD personnel or consultant or misrepresenting/ claiming a job assurance in an organization by paying some fee/ money.

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